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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

When you visit www.buenomoda.com, our commitment to you as our valued customer is to provide a valuable, informative and quality experience that is synonymous with Buenomoda. In order to do so, we may obtain information about you so that we may provide you with all of the benefits that Buenomoda.com offers. That information may include your name, address(s), phone number, email address, products ordered and website usage statistics. ( Buenomoda will never ask you for your social security number, driver’s license number or date of birth.) Because we respect your privacy, we will always handle your information in a safe and responsible manner. We will never sell your personal information to anyone for any reason. When you provide Buenomoda.com with information about yourself or anyone else, that information is safely stored in our secure web server. To best serve you, Buenomoda.com will share that information only with its own employees and with carefully-selected outside companies that we hire to perform services for us, such as maintaining our database of customer information or preparing and distributing e-mail or paper-mail messages to our customers. We require that these outside companies agree, in writing, to keep confidential all information that we share with them and to use such information only to perform their obligations in their agreements with Buenomoda.com. We will continue to find new ways to enhance your experience at Buenomoda.com, and we welcome your periodic review of our Privacy Policy as we update it from time to time to reflect improved technologies and services.

Security Policy

Buenomoda.com, uses a robust encryption technology to secure your credit card number and other personal information as it travels over the Internet from your computer to our secure server. SSL is a standard technology used by millions of other commercial e-commerce websites. Using your credit card to place orders to Buenomoda.com is safe and secure and we are fully committed to this goal. Therefore, we use 128 bit, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) tech an online order with Buenomoda.com is safer than using your credit card in a store or over the phone. This is true for several reasons both technical and practical, but most notably because your credit card number is handled by only one designated person at Buenomoda instead of many, as is potentially the case in a busy store or phone-sales line. Buenomoda does not store your credit card in any way on any of its computers. Credit cards are processed through a Visa CISP Certified payment gateway, Authorize.net. However, in very rare cases, some older internet browsers may not be able to communicate with our secure server. If you experience any difficulties with your online order, please feel free to call our office at +91 9765800231 to place your order.


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